Ohlde Gold

Certified Wheat Seed is the industry standard of meeting a set of known criteria ensuring varietal purity. At Ohlde Seed, we've taken this to a higher standard and created the Ohlde Gold Standard on the wheat varieties we offer. As the comparison chart below demonstrates, we've taken Certified Wheat Seed standards and established the Ohlde Gold Standard. It is our belief that attaining this level of purity and quality gives our family of producers the best opportunity to optimize germination rates and out yield any other brand in the market today

  Certified Wheat
Seed Standards
The Ohlde
Gold Standard
Germination 85% 95%
Test Weight 56 lbs. 60 lbs.
Purity 98.5% 99.0%
Inert 1.5% 1.0%
Weed .05% .00%
Noxious None None



West Bred

WB 4401 offers excellent yield potential; excellent milling and baking quality with very good protein content; excellent forage yield potential; and a strong disease resistance package. WB 4401 has become a top performer across a wide swath of acres from NC Oklahoma throughout KS. It is a must plant.

Maturity Medium
Plant Height Medium
Straw Strength Above Average
Test Weight Above Average
Yield Potential Excellent
Disease and Insects
Hessian Fly MS
Powdery Mildew R
Leaf Rust MR
Stripe Rust MR
Tan Spot MS

AG Icon


AG Icon is a top performing variety from K-State that is broadly adapted across Kansas, Oklahoma, and northern Texas. One of the most consistent varieties across the state yield trials. AG Icon provides excellent straw strength, tillering capacity, resistance to leaf rust and is intermediate to stripe rust. We have seen AG Icon quickly become a top variety with its drought tolerance and top end performance.

Maturity Medium Early
Plant Height Medium
Straw Strength Excellent
Test Weight Fair
Yield Potential Excellent
Grazing Very Good
Acid Soil Excellent
Disease and Insects
Hessian Fly S
Powdery Mildew MR
Leaf Rust R
Stripe Rust I
Tan Spot N/A


West Bred

Medium-late variety with excellent yield potential with an overall very good disease package. WB 4699 is overall one of the best varieties against head scab. WB 4699 holds winter dormancy well and has excellent straw strength. To help maximize grain protein, a fertility management program like VariMax is recommended with in season applications. WB 4699's ability to add on late spring tillers stands out in the production. WB 4699 was once again a top performing variety this year in North Central Kansas.

Maturity Medium Late
Plant Height Medium Short
Straw Strength Excellent
Test Weight Good
Yield Potential Excellent
Disease and Insects
Hessian Fly I
Powdery Mildew R
Leaf Rust MR
Stripe Rust I
Tan Spot MR

SERVO Wheat Seed Care Services

Keep & Protectâ„¢

SERVO Seed Care programs are designed to deliver the best combination of performance and value for the crop production challenges in North Central Kansas.

Each of these SERVO seed care programs has been fully tested and evaluated with Ohlde Seed technology and genetic supply partners to assure our commitment that these treatments will keep and protect your seed investment this fall.

  • Servo DP is our full rate treatment option. It includes fungicide and a high rate of insecticide.
  • Diseases - Early Season protection from Pythium damping - off, Stinking smut, Flag smut, Septoria disease complex, Rizoctonia root rot, common root rot, Fusarium root rot, and suppression of early season powdery mildew and wheat leaf rust.
  • Pest - High rate insecticide includes wireworm protection. Plus early season protection of seedlings against: Aphids (including Bird cherry oat, English grain, Greenbug, and Russian wheat aphid) and Hessian fly.