The Know2Grow™ Research Program is a significant annual investment designed to fulfill key objectives for your benefit.

  1. Provides every member of the Ohlde Seed Farms sales team "First Hand Knowledge" of the performance and characteristics of every product we offer annually
  2. Ensures Ohlde Seed Farms "Will Recommend" our best soil specific seed options for the soils for each of your fields
  3. Helps "Substantially Grow" your production per acre, your yield potential, and ultimately your profitability

From a technology perspective, without a Know2Grow™ Research Program, the value of variable rate application, field mapping, yield monitoring, auto-steering and application timing are all greatly diminished if you do not make the right choice first. Rely on the Ohlde Seed Know2Grow™ Program to select a locally researched seed, engineered to thrive in your specific field and soil conditions.

Know2grow Researcg

Let’s Compare the Know2Grow™ Research Program

As a stark comparison, many of our competitors are still using “strip trials”, with only a select few hybrids, over multiple acres in the same field. We believe that a true research program takes a much deeper level of commitment to consistently provide accurate data.

With the Know2Grow™ Research Program, we are condensing over 88 hybrids in 4 row plots within 1 acre.

What does this mean? Throughout every field there is variability that can and will affect yield in one way or another. With Know2Grow™, we have near zero variability throughout the plot. The program also allows us to replicate all our plots TWICE, which gives us 2 data points in 1 plot. That is over 180 hybrids in 2 acres. Know2Grow™ Research Program provides data the farmer can trust.


Each and every corn hybrid and soybean variety in Ohlde Seed Farms product line-up is thoroughly evaluated in our Know2Grow™ Research Program. This evaluation consists of strategically located local testing sites throughout our territory that are in close proximity to your operation. Key program benefits include:

  • Largest seed technology research program in Kansas.
  • Know2Grow™ uses advanced technology to map the future of Ohlde products.
  • The program uses advanced technology to identify hybrids/varieties with high performance for specific soil environments.
  • Know2Grow™ plots are strategically placed in a wide range of environments across Kansas and into Southern Nebraska and Northern Oklahoma.
  • Ohlde customers can substantially grow their profits utilizing the results of the program.
  • Our competitors are still using strip trials with a select few hybrids over multiple acres.
  • The Know2Grow™ Program condenses hundreds of hybrids in one plot that are replicated within a couple acres to reduce variability through the plot.
  • Ohlde Seed has always historically had highly intense research plots, however, Know2Grow™ now provides Ohlde Customers with the very best research capabilities possible.

Kansas State University Agronomy Extension

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